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That was when I fist understood that they were considering that I might have narcolepsy. Later I was lookin for information and I found your blog and your book! Tiredness is my everyday buddy and forces me to take a lot naps and it makes life more challenging. Thank you so much Julie!!!! Unfortunately many doctors know very little about narcolepsy so you must sometimes educate them and keep pursuing answers.

The good news is that diagnosis is an opportunity to better understand and treat your symptoms. There is a brighter future ahead. Thank you and cheering for you, Julie. Hi Julie, I love reading everything you write. I was only diagnosed with Narcolepsy with Cataplexy about 2 years ago, however I know now that I have had it since I was a child. As long as I can remember I was afraid of the dark and would never sleep alone, thank goodness for an older sister.

We always had to share a bedroom till we were in high school and my father added on to our house so we could finally have our own rooms. Well that scared me to death, the thought of her not being there when I had my nightmares which I now know included hallucinations and sleep paralysis. I would still go sleep with her when I was scared and she would hold my hand.

Some of my worst memories to this date were the nights I was sure someone was in my room, because I know I saw them and on occasion they would touch me, but I could never make a sound.

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My mother passed away a couple years ago but I was finally able to tell her that I had vivid memories of her mother tying me to the bed at night so I would not wiggle. She just could not believe I really thought that, my grandmother was really so sweet and would never really do that. She wondered why I never told her about it when I was young, but it just seemed so real to me that I was too afraid to say anything to anyone as I knew no one would believe me; but it was so real to me!

No one ever believed my stories, it is so comforting to know today what was really happening to me. I am just so grateful that I always had my sister who learned even through High School that when I was afraid to just hold my hand in the middle of the night so I could be comforted and go back to sleep.

I hope that parents can learn to believe how real these dreams or hallucinations are and will not just brush it off. Hopefully all the work you do with Narcolepsy awareness will help all the children who are afraid of the dark. Thank you for all you do! Laa-Laa then plays with her ball quietly. The Noo-Noo comes up, making his usual noises loudly.

Even the Noo-Noo was being quiet. Laa-Laa resumes playing with her ball quietly, and Tinky-Winky and Po shush each other so they don't eat their Tubby toasts loudly. And then, Dipsy woke up.

Shhhh!!! I’M SLEEPING!!! Living with Narcolepsy’s Hallucinations

Dipsy wakes up and says, "Eh-oh! So, Tinky-Winky and Po ate their Tubby toast. Tinky-Winky and Po say, "Tubby toast, Tubby toast! Laa-Laa played with her ball. Her passivity and her fatalistic state of mind is completely incomprehensible to Gem, because she is so ready to surrender to everyone and everything, and he is unrelenting.

They are well in love before a third of the book is through. From literally wanting to kill each other, to falling in love in that short of a time, is incomprehensible to me. Their interactions in-between weren't conducive to romance, they bond, yes, but each have their personal purpose in using the other, and their growing feelings just felt completely obligatory overall. Their love is also overwrought with angst, and the romance is a much too prevalent part of the novel, where I felt like the plot should have been the focus.

Now a beast from the desert stands too close, and I am dizzy with wanting him. I crave his calloused hands on me. View all 32 comments. Apr 22, Anne rated it liked it Shelves: This one was a very low 3 stars for me. I probably would have rated less than 3, but I didn't think it would be fair to the book, because it wasn't badly written.

I kept waiting for whatever awesomeness was supposed to happen that made seemingly every other reviewer fall in love with it. It never happened for me. Part of that reason may have been becau This one was a very low 3 stars for me. Part of that reason may have been because of the image that got stuck in my mind of his physical description. Gem was described as this lizard-like creature. Now, I'm not sure what the author intended, but I kept picturing some scaly Creature from the Black Lagoon.

Only with sharp, pointy teeth. It just ruined any chance that I could get behind the kissing scenes. I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I know that it's wrong of me to judge a character on their looks. Especially in a Beauty and the Beast retelling! I feel so ashamed, but I couldn't help it. It grossed me out, and I couldn't get past it. I'm thinking I would have been fine if they hadn't done all the sexytime stuff.

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Ok, obviously, a lot of readers weren't bothered by this, which probably means I'm even more shallow than I originally thought. I'd really miss him. So, while it wasn't perfect for me, it might be perfect for you. View all 39 comments. Sep 21, Denisse rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Beauty and the Beast fans. Read for the Reading Challenges 28 A book with antonyms in the title. We all know that story, so expect this book to be a romance, centered a lot on the character development and love aspects, not too deep into the fantasy world it creates but involved in a very fantastical atmosphere improved by the beautiful writing.

A fresh retelling for wh Read for the Reading Challenges 28 A book with antonyms in the title. A fresh retelling for what, at least for me, is the most beautiful love story ever told. Lo segundo que voy a recalcar es lo atrapante de la historia. XD Entonces, a que me refiero con que algo a recalcar para mi es lo atrapante de la historia?

Bueno, que yo no soy la mayor fan de las historias de amor. Y como toda historia de amor, solo funciona si te crees el romance que conlleva, y en mi caso, me encanto. Pero las escenas funcionan y gracias a la escritura de Jay, se leen lindisimas. La historia tiene un prologo impresionante. O para cualquiera que, al igual que yo, este en busca de ese retelling perfecto de La Bella y la Bestia, yo aun sigo buscando pero este es un gran aporte.

D y la portada es perfecta. Y ahora cantemos juntos: Tale as old as time True as it can be Barely even friends Then somebody bends Unexpectedly Just a little change Small to say the least Both a little scared Neither one prepared Beauty and the Beast No les dieron ganas de llorar, a mi si: View all 8 comments. Apr 10, Sylvia Mercedes rated it it was amazing Shelves: Continuing my Beauty and the Beast Month and that's right.

Another five star Beauty and the Beast read. Visit my website to see all of my Beauty and the Beast reads!

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Though I have to say, this wasn't as much of a Beauty and the Beast retelling as I thought it would be. That is NOT a knock on the book, so don't consider it a critique! I was simply expecting more ties to the original Continuing my Beauty and the Beast Month and that's right. I also think readers need to be aware that the similarities are very, very slight. Let me tell you why. She starts out so weak that's frustrating. You simply feel so much more desire to see her grow and become strong.

Her journey of growth is so painful, but by the end, she emerges as such a pillar of strength and hard-won wisdom that you cannot help but love her! Gem, the hero, is likewise a well-drawn character. He's not as weak as Isra to begin with, but he has a lot of growing and changing to do to. I love that he is a tortured hero without ever feeling angsty. When you consider his situation and his motivation, the "tortured" aspect just feels like a natural result, rather than a plot device.

It's surprising to me how romantic of a figure he became, too, considering how very strange looking he is! But the author makes us relate to him through his perspective, then makes us fall for him from Isra's perspective. Sometimes, I'll admit, it seemed really slow. This is a thoughtful book, and much time is spent in the internal head-space of the characters. While there is plenty of action over the course of the story, it's not exactly an action-packed book.

It's one you've got to stick with and read with some care. Once I adjusted to the slower pacing, I was surprised by how completely gripping the plot was! Don't get me wrong, we do end up with a HEA. But it's hard-won, let me tell you. At one point, I found myself crying so hard by a turn of events, I couldn't quite make myself keep reading for several hours.

Though I then went on to finish the rest of the book in a quick, compulsive gulp! Yes, this story is a heart-wringer for sure. But it's really beautiful as well. I loved the combination of fantasy and sci-fi elements. Wasn't certain it would work together harmoniously, but it ultimately did. Jay created was truly unique, truly original. But I'm not sure I should even call that a complaint, because everything that happened was important. If the author cut or sped up things too much, the story wouldn't have worked as well as it did.

So my only caution to potential readers is simply to go in to the book expecting it to be a little more heavy or a read than your usual romantic YA fare. But it's worth the work. Wow, I feel so lucky with my reads so far this month. All of them have been good, and the last two have been truly great! Here's hoping the trend will continue. Don't forget that at the end of the month I'll be picking my favorite read for April and offering it and at least one other book in a giveaway to one lucky mailing list subscriber.

View all 4 comments. Nov 20, Candace Robinson rated it it was amazing. Beautiful writing and a gorgeous ending!!! Review on blog https: View all 6 comments. For one she is blind, but her narrative didn't really feel like she is blind. I mean dude, she rappells from her tower to the garden way below. Daredevil is the only blind person I know who can do that. I was under the impression that she isn't conventionally beautiful bordering on hideous, what with the reaction of the people around her.

All that self pity in the first part of the book is annoying, but she goes through major character development. Gem is like that, just you regular well-mannered handsome,with scaly snake skin, retractable claws and sharp teeth. Gem just didn't make me swoon, he is kind of bland for a male MC and Jay certainly wasn't very consistent with his characterization. He's supposed to be an experienced warrior but doesn't act like one.

Then mentions being the shame of his family, but doesn't reveal why. The romance between Isra and Gem does not qualify as insta-love, thank goodness for that. They had an ambivalent relationship at the start, they get along one minute, but then the bitterness of their people's history always rears it's ugly head. Turns out all they needed is an impromptu out-of- town trip, in the desert, without food and water, for them to finally discover the wonders of making out in the dark.

This, in my opinion, would've been the best feature of the book, if Jay took care to show us Yuan and the desert with more detail, but in Of Beast and Beauty's case world-building is haphazard and inconsistent. It's certainly a interesting concept to concentrate all life in domed cities while everything else outside of these cities withered and died, but Jay centers her story in Isra's tower and garden. This is I guess the limitation, if your primary 1st person narrator is blind. I have yet to read another Stacey Jay novel before I can say for certain that she needs a lesson or five in world-building from Sanderson sorry, just had to mention him.

The concept is interesting and the writing quite easy to read, but Jay fell a bit short in execution. View all 17 comments. Dec 19, Keertana rated it it was amazing Shelves: We have our heroine and our hero, their epic tale of romance, the obstacle in their way, and, most likely, there is a curse to break as well. With Of Beast and Beauty, however, Stacey Jay has managed to mix together all of the correct ingredients and just a little something more; a secret ingredient, if you will.

Our Heroine Isra, the blind Queen of this tale, is unlike any protagonist I expected. And yet, despite being the Queen of her domed city, Yuan, Isra is powerless. Nevertheless, despite knowing her fate, Isra is not content to merely sit still in the tower her father has confined her in. Instead, she escapes each night to roam through her city, yearning to feel the wind on her face though she cannot and yearning even more to see.

When she catches a Monstrous, Gem, in her city walls one night, Isra is terrified and curious. For all her airs and graces, at her core Isra is just a girl, one who yearns for friends and freedom. What I love about her is not that she is courageous — for she is — but rather that she is perseverant and, no matter what, refuses to go down the wrong path. Furthermore, her blindness is not the detriment most people believe it to be.

It enables her to see with untainted eyes and this, this I loved. First and foremost, I have to mention that his narration was perfect. I love that Jay chose to add more than one point of view in this tale as it helped to see the situation at hand from both perspectives. Although they both were once the same race, the new and magical land they came to sought to help them through mutations which many of the people were frightened by. Furthermore, I love that Gem is so unapologetically honest.

Even as the two get to know each other, he still thinks of ways to kill her — alongside ways to help and comfort her. Jay never crosses that awkward line of insta-love and instead allows their romance to develop, right alongside their conflicted feelings. Gem, especially, is flawed and the fact that he is even more flawed than Isra at times makes him seem all the more human, despite his scaled body. An Epic Tale of Romance I do, actually, think this is a beautiful love story.

Not only is the pacing perfect, but the reasons behind it — true understanding, not lust — are evident too. Both Isra and Gem have their own aspects of beauty and bestiality to their personalities and the fact that either of them could fulfill those roles is utterly satisfying.

And yet, what really made me fall head-over-heels for this romantic pair was the fact that their physical attraction was explored as well. Of Beast and Beauty manages to strike a balance between the two, however, which I appreciated.

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If there is a dearth of anything in fiction it is of a teenage girl acknowledging that she wants sex, so I particularly enjoyed seeing Isra approach their relationship in a light in which she felt comfortable wanting more physically and especially seeing how that empowered her in many ways. Obstacle in their Way Obviously, there are many hurdles for these two to cross. And yet, perhaps most taxing emotionally is the truth of their pasts.

For both Gem and Isra, their union is foolish and unethical, despite how right it feels. Not only do their people hate each other, but their people would hate them if the truth emerged as well. Furthermore, Isra has a duty as Queen to at least marry before sacrificing her life for her people. I was pleasantly surprised that Bo, the man she is supposed to marry, is given his own slices of narration as well.

From Bo we finally see that Yuan is more than merely a kingdom, it is a cage to all sorts of people, not just Isra. Additionally, his perspective allows us to see the true political rulers of Yuan. Isra is just a sacrificial doll at the end of the day and this only raises the stakes and heightens our bond with her. Granted, Isra and Gem must fall in love, but are so many deeper, subtler nuances to this as well. For one, the curse began when the first people began to build a divide between themselves — the Smooth Skins — and the Monstrous.

From that initial fear and hatred grew an even scarier and more deadly curse — one that demanded blood. It has affected everyone in different ways over the centuries and as the full implications of that are felt, it is shocking. One of my only qualms about this plot device is that the majority — if not all — the information about the curse is revealed in the prologue of the novel. Of course, seeing Isra discover this information and relate it to her own sheltered life is what makes the novel so intriguing, but it also manages to take away a little from the overall reading experience.

Nevertheless, I have to hand it to Jay — she can build a complicated world, a complex romance, and even more twisted curse. Of Beast and Beauty is a must-read for fans of romance, world-building, and fairy tales. As a fantasy fanatic, I loved the inclusion of magic, the unique take on this classic tale, and, most of all, this breathtaking romance.

View all 7 comments. Jan 31, Kristalia rated it really liked it Shelves: I had lost everything but my voice. And what good is a voice when so few will listen? Will you listen, child? I liked this book. It was a lovely retelling, with a different perspective and nice characterization. Months pass in this book. It takes quite a lot of time for him to really trust her and stop hating her.

And trust me - he has a very good reason to hate anyone. Okay, what was the point of this? The point was that I loved that Gem didn't fall under Stockholm syndrome so easily. What he starts feeling for her comes in time. Gave a wonderful perspective. If you are looking for a wonderful Beauty and the Beast retelling you will get it here. What do you have here?

You have twisted garden of roses, a captured Beast, a sacrifice Beauty queen, not-really-a-douchebag Gaston and Isra's beauty's servant Needle. But that is where the similarities end. The roses are dark magic that requires a sacrifice. There is no castle for the Beast - instead his own people suffer from starvation and the only way they can save themselves is to tear the remaining 3 of the 15 towns to pieces in order to restore the earth. Little do they know that the truth to repair the world lies in love.

Once upon a time, The Voice saw the ships coming on it's land. The Voice tried to help them by mutating them in order to survive in the land - made them stronger and endurable, but the people looked upon the mutation as monstrosity, and split themselves in 2 races. Monstrous and Smooth Skins. Smooths made domes and 15 cities and they split the Voice in two: Dark Heart and Pure Heart.

Pure Heart wanted for people to stop listening to the Dark Heart, but failed. Dark Heart promised safety and prosperity, if the royalty gave willing sacrifices Queens as a food for the roses it made. Pure Heart wanted to stop this, but when Pure Heart posed as Monstrous, the Smooths drove her away, and Monstrous understood that Pure was not their own. So Pure Heart cursed them all: Monstrous will never cry again, but Smooths will be incomplete, twisted, and some of their children will be touched with monstrous traits.

But Dark Heart spared those who agreed with the sacrifices. And as time passed, Pure Heart saw that things would not change, and that the world continued to die. There is only one way to undo the curse: In the present, in the city of Yuan, the blood sacrifices are still being practiced. The current sacrifice is princess Isra - and she is aware that one day she will be dead in order for her city to live. Isra is also blind - blind from the day her mother died due to injury she suffered. And ever since she was 4 years old, she found her sight only with the roses. A little blood for them, and they would show her something.

So she went into the garden of the roses. But she was not alone. They say they feel watched here, as if the roses have eyes. They have no idea. The roses have more magic than anyone, even my father, understands. I am the only one who knows their secret, who knows that they are more alive than other flowers, that they see and hear more than anything else on our world.

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A Monstrous is hiding in the garden - Gem, as is his name, had only one mission. Get the roses and return to their home. They know that roses are a reason for the prosperity. And his people - the Desert people - are dying from starvation. He and his family entered Yuan by digging the tunnel, but when Isra noticed him because of the roses, she raised the alarm. He failed, and the only thing that kept him alive is Isra insisting that his claws had poison in them as was believed by Smooths and that he can help her stay alive.

But there is no poison, and Isra doesn't know that. Green for her eyes. In the meantime, The King was found dead and Monstrous were to blame.

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And Gem's father and brother were captured, and later released by Isra by leaving Gem in their captivity - as a gesture of a good faith. Isra believes that they might not be as savage as they thought and that there could peace. The only one they have now is Gem Which is a lie, but it gave Gem time to get the roses - even if it means months in captivity. At first, they don't get along - they are on each others necks, and it's not pretty.

Yet they hold all the power. They hold me prisoner.

I smear the tears on my chest away, but some have already soaked into my skin. I can feel them, as if she has marked me, infected me with Smooth Skin weakness. Junjie and the other advisors tell me, but you do not. Your own father left you here. For the rest of your life, you are mine. She has realized that the slightest twitch will open her throat.

I tighten my grip. The five puckers on her throat deepen. A little more pressure, and her blood will flow. And with time, a long time, they realize that things are not how they seem, that nothing is as it seems, and that they are not so different, even if they look so. And then there is how each of them see the other race: Our only hope is to keep the mutants out. If they make it inside, the city will fall. The Monstrous are bigger, stronger, with poison seeping from their claws, and skin as thick and hard as armor.

They can see in the dark and live on nothing but a daily ration of water and cactus fruit. They are brutal beasts determined to destroy humanity and take our cities for themselves. No women or children. They are as soulless as a sandstorm. We know the power of transformation. This planet has changed us, but its magic is good magic. They are the murderers. Their domed cities rob the surrounding lands of vitality. She is blind, but that is not the only problem. She is convinced that she is tainted by monstrous traits, and that that is why her people don't want her.

She knows that if she wasn't a queen, she would have been thrown away with other Banished people with monstrous traits. But that's not even worst of it. She has been locked away for so long, her only comfort Needle and the garden of roses. People always controlled her life, but acted as if she was also mentally unstable and weak.

My people are horrified by their queen. Yuan has never had a tainted ruler. Her insanity almost cost the people their lives, and now her tainted daughter sullies their throne. My king will be able to remarry, and the poor noble girl forced to wed him will take on the mantle of sacrifice. And when she found out her father was killed by Monstrous, she begins her cruelty to Gem After a while, she starts finding comfort in Gem, who keeps telling her that she should stand up for herself, screw the rules, screw everything, because she is their ruler and people should listen to her.

She is also precious - her POV made me smile - like with: I am a soldier, this is my song, and I shall scuff it all the day long.