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Bicycle gloves are a second good piece of personal protective equipment. The specific safety issue for children change dramatically by age and the kind of environment they are riding in. In general terms the sequence is about like this:. Thank you, for emphasizing riding with traffic whether on sidewalks or roadways.

Four years ago I hit a fifteen year old boy at an intersection with my car. I was making a right turn and he was riding down a steep hill against traffic on the sidewalk. A witness from across the street told the police it looked like the boy was trying to beat the light and that I looked left-right-left then crept into my turn.

I never saw him he was blocked from my vision by a light post until he bounced off my hood. He is alive today because I always come to a complete stop at that intersection since it is dangerous. If I had coasted through on the turn he would have been seriously injured. I will always remember the look on his face as my car struck him.

You cannot overemphasize riding on the correct side of the street! For ordinary bicycling learning safety is more important than equipment. Good safety knowledge can keep you safe on a bad bike, but lack of knowledge won't keep you safe on a good bike. Of coarse it is important that the bike fits, it has brakes, and everything be in good repair -- especially the brakes, so that slowing down and stopping can be controlled by you!

Helmets are the next most important piece of equipment. Bicycle helmets don't do anything to avoid crashes -- which is the real objective -- but they can be important in reducing head injuries if one should occur.

Bike Safety

Head injuries have a high potential for being sever and can be life threatening -- they are the most common cause of death for bicyclists. Given the grave potential consequences and the cost of prevention, helmet are excellent value. The highest rate of bike-related head injuries is among boys , but helmets are a good idea for cyclist of all ages and genders. To work properly helmets need to fit properly! For more information click to helmets.

Probably the most common, unintended, part of the body to impact the ground is the palm of the hand. To reduce these injuries, leather palmed cycling gloves are available, but to a lesser extent in kid sizes. Beyond this, because of the injury patterns for bicycle accidents, there is not a lot of emphasis on other protective gear for bicycling. The exceptions are for people doing BMX racing, stunt riding or off-road trials riding in rocky or brushy country.

Group Bicycle Riding Safety and Etiquette pdf format. The International Bicycle Fund is an independent, non-profit organization. Its primary purpose is to promote bicycle transportation. IBF's objective is to create a sustainable, people-friendly environment by creating opportunities of the highest practicable quality for bicycle transportation.

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Kids’ Bikes Give-a-Way

Also let us know how you found this site. Teach Your Child Well: In general terms the sequence is about like this: Child first learn to bicycle at obstacle-free park, courts basketball or tennis , parking lot or driveway. The are taught balance, steering and pedaling. They need to keep their speed commensurate with their skills. Here he or she starts to encounter pedestrians and hazards like cracks in the pavement, glass, debris, poles, benches, etc, and possibly other vehicles. Many bike accidents involve a head injury, so a crash could mean permanent brain damage or death for someone who doesn't wear one while riding.

In fact, each year in the United States, about half a million kids are seriously injured in bicycle-related accidents, and most of those injuries could have been avoided if a helmet was worn. You should be able to get help finding a well-fitting helmet and adjusting it properly at any bicycle store. When kids wear a helmet, make sure that the straps are fastened.

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Also make sure they don't wear any other hat underneath it. Be sure to replace any helmet made before If your child hits any surface hard while wearing a helmet, replace it — helmets lose their capacity to absorb shock after taking serious hits. A few bike helmets can be used as protection for other activities, but in general, they're best suited to biking. Most helmets are made for one specific type of activity — for example, special helmets also are made for inline skating, baseball, and snowmobiling.

Kids should not wear any helmet when they're on a playground or climbing a tree — there is a risk of strangulation from the chin strap during these types of activities.